Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney

Our Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Comes with Numerous Benefits
  • Combine with Disinfection and Sanitation Services Against Viruses
  • Rare and Expensive Rugs - Restored to Look as New
  • High-End Equipment and Advanced Cleaning Methods
  • Handy Deals and Discounts for Regular Clients
  • Unbeatable Prices & Proven Value for Money
  • Removes Stains, Dirt  & Odours
  • 100% Satisfied Carpet Cleaning 
  • Trained & Verified Carpet Cleaners 

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    Why Choose Spark & Shine for Your Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney?

    Whether you’re having a full-blown spring cleaning, or you just need to refresh your carpets and rugs, Spark & Shine will treat your carpets professionally.
    1. The carpet cleaning technicians: Your service is delivered by certified and qualified carpet cleaners, who boast expertise in the most advanced cleaning techniques. They are fully insured to operate a specialised equipment and execute safely all the industry-approved procedures, related to carpet and rug cleaning.
    2. The carpet cleaning methods: Heavily polluted carpeting that suffers from deeply embedded stains, high traffic areas or carpets in commercial environments usually benefits from being cleaned by employing the hot water extraction method. The process involves pretreating the carpets and then rinsing them thoroughly with a steam cleaning machine. Almost all the moisture is subsequently extracted along with the dissolved soiling. A drying time of about 4 hours is required. Delicate or lightly polluted carpets are often cleaned by applying the dry cleaning method. It incorporates the use of a dry carpet cleaning detergent, which is worked in the carpet fibres with the rotary mechanism of a bonnet machine, in order to agitate the top carpet layer. The equipment removes the encapsulated dirt along with the solvent. Very good alternatives of this service for hard surfaces are tile and grout cleaning or high pressure cleaning, which are perfect for concrete surfaces.
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth
    Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Perth

    5-step Carpet Cleaning Formula That Will Save Your Carpets

    • We examine the carpet, test the fabric and decide on the best cleaning technique.

    • We pH-test and pretreat stains after the carpet has been vacuumed.

    • We apply the steam cleaning or the dry cleaning method.

    • We protect your carpet with Scotchgard if you wish to pay the additional fee.

    • Our expert home service leaves you a happier person to enjoy your fresh and sanitised rugs and carpets.

    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, if you step on barefoot or you wear protective overshoes. You can speed up the process of drying by switching on your heating/AC system or by opening the windows.

    We are an insured service provider and you will be fully compensated if the technician has damaged your property in any way.

    Not really. The myth comes from the fact that the adhesive properties of any dry solvent or foam residuals may facilitate new pollutants to stick to the carpet fibre. However, advanced dry cleaning equipment removes all chemical residues.

    We recommend that the carpet protector is applied on high-traffic areas or if you have small children and pets. The solution is an effective stain repellent, so carpets in rooms with a high level of use would benefit from additional protection.

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    Home Cleaning Services in Perth
    Home Cleaning Services in Perth
    Home Cleaning Services in Perth

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